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  • lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Imaging centre boosts patient care services in Sicily

With investments in two new, top-of-the-line DR solutions plus the innovative Portal, the imaging centre owned by Dr. Francesco Fiumara offers a higher level of healthcare service in Sicily, Italy.

Spread over two floors and 1,200 m2 of a building in Santa Teresa di Riva, some 40 km from Messina, Sicily, the diagnostic imaging clinic carries out diagnostic imaging and medical examinations for about 150 patients every day. The clinic strives to offer patients high-quality services, delivered with competence and compassion. This is reflected in the extended 8 am to 8 pm opening hours, the team of 14 specialists in a total staff of 40, and the use of the most advanced imaging technologies: including digital radiography, mammography, CT, ultrasound and MRI.

A broad range of high-quality, dedicated exams
The centre performs a broad range of digital exams. One of the four radiography rooms contains a DR system specifically for mammography, while another is used for dental radiography. The last two rooms house the two new Agfa HealthCare DR systems, used for skeletal imaging, and for digestive and urogenital imaging using contrast media.